Professor at Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Bahia - IFBA (since 2010). Education: Graduated (2008), Master (2010) and Doctorate (2016) in Computer Science, all three at CIn-UFPE. Interested in Formal Methods, Programming Languages ​​and Mobile Development.             

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The Binaire encrypts/decrypts text using the market flagship encryption algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a symmetric block cypher used by governments and corporations worldwide.

The user provides a text then Binaire produces two "keys", which can be stored locally or shared by any means.

Having these two "keys", the receiver can reveal the encrypted message.

Made with Flame by PhD José Dihego -


EnnuBon is a traditional, little boring and simple game for kids and people around them.  No logins, no ads, no credit card and no need for internet connections. Just download and start playing. The hero girl must fight the enemies, collect prizes and reach the final level. EnnuBon is bon ennuyeux.

Made with Flame by PhD José Dihego -


Learn math operations and pattern recognition in a space exploration full off rockets and some funny flatulence :) StarMath is an academic and non-profit initiative to present elementary math as something funny to the children and, sometimes, their parents. This game is free, has no ads and is offline.


Genarus is an app that recognises objects and text from your camera and speaks it aloud. It is designed to help blind and visually impaired individuals. It has amazing features: works 100% offline, no account need, no cost, no ads and no limits on app usage and functionality.


This app uses artificial intelligence to extract text from images in your gallery or taken by your phone’s camera.


This app gives offline and reliable access to the Brazilian Qualis conferences and journals index.


This app uses help donors find institutions in need.


Countries data are published by the United Nations (UN) periodically on the UNdata portal ( This application extracts 11 of them and to support pairwise comparison between countries in a simple and powerful visual way.

Agua Boa

[en-GB] This app helps Brazilians in the Bahia state to calculate their water and sewage bills.

[pt-BR] App para cálculo da conta de água e esgoto no estado da Bahia

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Alô Alô IFBA

An app the makes easy to contact the various sectors of IFBA.

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